Experience with the use of 7 Slim

7 Slim: how I lost weight about 8 kg per month

I rarely write reviews, but this product couldn't ignore. Two months ago, won the 7 Slim on the recommendation of sisters.

Reviews 7 Slim

I want to share the results of the course, which lasted a month, and your rates even later 30 days after its completion. I hope that my experience with the use will help readers to lose weight.

Briefly about the method of application

Product is drops. There is no need to measure using a pipette or dimensional cup, everything is already metered. One ampoule – one scoop. In a package of 20 mini-pack.

In the instructions simply explain how to use the 7 Slim: drink 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before a meal, washed down with juice or water. I decided to spice up the app and added the liquid to the milk, and then poured into it protein powder. Digestive or other side effects after this notice.

To 7 Slim

My introductory information – 75 kg with a height of 170. It is about 25 pounds more than my ideal weight. Yes, some launched themselves after giving birth. Activity standard – the walk to the metro station, the shop, sometimes walking to the nearest park. Sport as for the course, so even during it did. Time in the gym is not. Yet it is worth noting that on the thighs I got at the beginning of the weight loss was pronounced cellulite.

After 30 days 7 Slim

Experience with the use of

Not restrained and weighed every week, although it is said that the weight can bounce back. The first time was minus pounds, then min of 1.5... And on the third and fourth week of the outcome has increased dramatically up to 2.5 and 3 kg! It seems that the effect accumulated. A total of 8 kg in 30 days, by the end of the course my weight has reached 67 units

Cellulite has become significantly smaller. Skin after weight loss, a fairly sharp standards of nutrition experts (to advise to fold no more than 4 kg per month) has hung. I did a light massage a stiff brush, but no additional measures for tightening is not a pub, and at the output of the skin has proven to be flexible, that I and not sitting on a diet.


7 Slim – really a quick remedy for weight loss. The best results I only gave mono to 3 weeks, but it is, frankly, a misery of the body. And with 7 Slim it turns out lose weight and fast and without consequences on health. The most important thing is that the pounds are coming back! A month passed, but no surplus either. Recommend and you to try.