Exercises for weight loss abdomen and hips

In modern society is a measure of the beauty of women's slender figure. What to do when a favorite skirt too tight fit at the waist and jeans treacherously stick out fat on the hips?

exercise for weight loss

It must be remembered that to remove the fat only on the stomach helena on the hips with the help of special exercises will not work. Needed will be both regular physical activity and adherence to a special diet to maintain your body in good physical shape.

Unfortunately, the hateful folds of fat on the abdomen arise quietly and quickly, and go long and reluctantly. This is the reason why we have prepared for you a professional exercise for weight loss belly and hips! They will help you achieve the cherished goal – to get rid of excess weight!

Detailed instructions on how to get rid of excess fat

So, it's time to gather strength, tilting the laziness and get to work on your character. Exercise — the best cure for unnecessary fat!

Exercise aimed at burning fat and weight loss in the abdominal area in a home is necessary to carry out regularly. The constant exercises provide a visible, positive result for weight loss in the abdominal area. The effectiveness of exercises aimed at burning belly fat depends on the regularity and do not exceed your will.

But how will joyfully then, when doing control measurements you will be pleasantly surprised with the results weight loss and reducing the volume of stomach in a week.

Tip! For weight loss abdomen and hips it is important to use workouts for women, because in men, obesity occurs to a different type.

The next movement!

Women are always moving a lot more men, but it is not exempt from exercises aimed at fat reduction on the abdomen. Bosu training does not take much time, but saves you from fat accumulation on the belly is exactly where it's needed.

Effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides provide active movements, the movement of sloth, just go!

Definitely eat them wisely!

In the period of training is necessary to properly and efficiently eat. Any physical load at the incorrect nutrition will be useless to lose weight fail! For that, you know, that is not worth eating, we give a few important tips in the following chapter.

The food during weight loss you need to carefully choose from, but for starters, it is important to change the diet. Only thoroughly changing your diet, not starve and in doing so significantly reduce the weight.

  1. Have the courage to, and exclude, helena is trying to reduce to a minimum in the diet fast carbohydrates (sweet and flour in the first place).
  2. It is necessary to limit the use of salt, it also contributes to the formation of excess water in the body (swelling).
  3. Lower portions of up to 200 gg, eat more often, at least 4-6 times a day.
  4. Sure to drink daily at least 2 liters of pure water. Water plays an important role in the metabolism and contributes to weight loss the body as a whole, including the abdomen and hips.
  5. Discard the fatty varieties of meat and fish, give preference to low-fat types of meat: poultry, beef, rabbit. Of fish it is preferable to flounder, Pollock, cod.
  6. Cook preferably steamed, bake, helena just cook.
  7. Give up fast food!
how to lose weight in your belly

Rules of carrying out exercises for abdominal muscles at home

  1. An important moment in the training is the selection of time, not to start exercises and exercises for the abdomen after the adoption of the food. Try to start to exercise on an empty stomach, right after a sleep, helena 3 hours after a meal. Just at this time the body more active set on burning fat.
  2. In the morning gymnastics, in, exercises for slimming the abdomen and the thighs do not use the sports shot for weight. The use of such missiles can see to increase the muscle mass in problem areas and a visual increase in volume.
  3. The main condition for achieving the results of weight loss abdomen and hips is the regularity of the exercise. How often and long I will follow the training – decide for yourself what is most important to stick to the plan every day. Cancels laziness and do not allow a longer break in playing. The exercise should give yudin and a feeling of mild fatigue.
  4. Exercises for slimming the abdomen and the hips should be rotated with workout for weight loss feet, sports walking and regular Jogging.
  5. Start to exercise for weight loss stomach and hips it is necessary to warm-up. During the warm-up warms the muscles, accelerates blood circulation in the body, expands the amplitude of motion in the joints. Thanks to this it is advised getting the injury.
  6. Those women who are determined to lead the figure in order to should know, what exercises to do during the charging, to remove the fat on the abdomen and thighs. Below the article we present the most common options of training, but on the occasion it is worth it to get the advice of a professional technician.
  7. To achieve the result in weight loss of the abdomen, hips, simply choose a complex of 5 uprajnenii perform alternately, three access, each exercise repeated at least 30 times 3 — 4 times a week. In sports, carefully follow your feelings and pulse. It is not overdo it!

Implementation of the plan

Working out at home, you must correctly and do not miss a class, you can take in the conspirators the children will be for them to fun to get involved next to mommy. Along with good humor, to do exercises for slimming the abdomen, thighs and hips, and the result will be worse, than at work in the gym with a trainer. The main thing is to stick to simple principles:

  1. Begin the workout with uncomplicated warm-up on the entire body, carefully work the movement in the shoulder joints, joints of the hands, hips and feet dance under my favourite music.
  2. Another stepping stone to slim the body follows a effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides, this includes such simple exercises, such as sails. The sails perform 10-15 times back and forth, then right and left. Try not to pull muscles, trying to get into the hands of the fingers.
  3. Affordable way to for weight loss abdomen and thighs at home exercise is the goal. For the amplification effect, buy hoop with massage attachments. When the rotation of the hoop on the waist reinforced the work of the muscles of the abdomen, hips, back, buttocks and legs. In exercise goal to burn more calories, which leads to active weight loss.
  4. Furthermore, do not forget the squats, this exercise creates the lower abdominal muscles of the abdomen, the buttocks and the legs, and contributes to their weight loss.
running for weight loss

More than effective exercises for intense weight loss abdomen and hips — in a lying down position on the floor. Proceed to the classical exercises for fast and effective weight loss (is it different mahi feet and hands, rotation of the torso in the supine position). In all people is a different physical fitness and should be thoroughly accessed to by stress, especially exercise for weight loss belly.

Let's take a closer look at the 10 simple exercises for slimming the abdomen and hips at home. These lessons are suitable for beginners, enthusiast and advanced enthusiasts home workouts to fight fat savings in the region of the abdomen.

Cardio exercises for belly

Cardio-exercise (aerobic exercise)- it is a combination of certain exercises, aimed at increasing the frequency of the heart rate and increase blood flow in the over burden. In this they train the whole cardio-vascular system. Cardio-exercises prepare the heart to serious stress and necessarily enter into the exercises for the abdomen, reducing the fat layer on the thighs and exercise the muscles of the legs. When an effective cardio exercise for weight loss belly and sides, it is necessary to regularly measure your pulse (it is better to use a heart rate monitor).

Cardio exercises are very effective exercises in the campus, and especially for weight loss belly and sides, as it is the active burning calories, and therefore is a reduction in the fat layer.

Attention! We consider three simple exercises for a quick "pumping" the press and the hips.



Exercise Action The result
A day Lie on your back on the floor with stretched legs. Lifting the upper part of the trunk of your body as low as possible to the feet, the hands are behind the head. Perform 3-5 approaches to 15 strokes each. Rest is necessary between the approaches is less than 30 seconds. Amplified aerobics for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Minus of 2-3 kg per month
A day Lying on the floor, lifting the legs at a right angle. During the climb, feet on the floor, which cannot be. We're doing 10 strokes per 4-5 access.

Rest between approaches is not less than 30 seconds.

Occurs training the abdominal muscles of the abdomen, back, hips. Minus 2 to 4 units per month
Several times a day Strongly straining the abdominal muscles, as if to pull out and detained the voltage to 10 to 15 seconds. Then relax from time to time. To carry out such an exercise is possible up to 5 times for access. Effective exercise for the press, strengthens the muscles of the press, they have a good result on the weight loss of the hips. Minus 1-2 kg per month

These lessons will occupy a lot of time, after all the times that were the most simple and effective in the fight with overweight and making the belly flat.

Regular light exercise, aimed at weight loss your whole body and especially the abdominal is not possible without editing the exclusive food, reducing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. The reduction of the caloric content of the food has a very effective help for the effectiveness of weight loss abdomen.

exercise at home

Morning exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, it will only take 8-10 minutes and will bring a good mood. Simple exercise for weight loss belly actually work, the abdomen becomes flat and the hips go.

Exercises for abdominal muscles on the back

For the purpose of rapid weight loss all exercises lying on your back, should be carried out on a special sports mat, it absorbs shocks and prevents careless causing injury. First perform the exercise for 5 minutes, heat and stretch the muscles.


The exercise "Bike" simulates a ride on a bike. It's the best exercises for slimming the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Take the starting position: lying on your back bend your legs at the knees, press the heels as close to pelvis, hands with divorced keep your elbows behind the head.

Slowly lift your shoulders from the floor, straining in the abdominal muscles. Pull one leg at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the gender, at the same time drag the opposite side by the tribe of flexion of the foot. Then, without interruption, repeat the exercise with the other leg. The movement of the legs should be smooth and not too fast. Practice 10 moves with each foot and rest, and then another 1-2 approach.

"Russian twist"

It's hard to exercise activates all the muscles of your body, especially

when twisting the straining muscles of the press. In the original position, while sitting on the floor, flip the cover back to 45 degrees, bend the legs at the knees to lift and keep on the weight. Hands in close in the lock and pull forward. As you exhale, the tribe of abs, at the same time turn the torso to the side, stocked hands for in the direction of the movement of your body. Take a short break, and then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Enough to do 3 sets of 10 twists and turns to lis.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal stripe

Exercise the "bar" consists of movements that are aimed at strengthening the print, slimming the abdomen, hips and back. Planck is a principal in the complex fitness exercises. Is it effective for building a flat stomach.

In the original position on your knees, palms works in the floor. Pull out in me belly, tighten do not exceed your abs and slowly go down on bent at the elbows, hands, knees are strictly under the shoulder joints. Linger for a minute, straining the abdominal muscles. Then smoothly pull the legs, changing the situation to the classic bar, pushing at the floor only the toes of the feet and palms. Belly smart, pan up is not assigned, the body has a similarity with a direct dial telephone. Count out loud to 10 and send your torso forward, with the power of the pulling muscles. Exercise is recommended to repeat 4-5 times.

Planck is jumping

The exercise is based on the the total body body weight loss legs, thighs, stomach.

Starting position — the classic top rail. Pushing on the floor with his hands in the jump in addition to the feet, stopping, shooting from a distance, keep the feet together. Jump no less than 5 minutes for one approach. You can complicate the exercise, add exercise to the holder with the rotation.

exercises for the press

Exercises for the abdominal muscles in a standing position

Has weight the most effective exercises for strengthening muscles and slimming the abdomen. Such a simple exercise, as the sails are very effective when you need for weight loss abdomen and hips.

The sails may be increased by adding into the hands of dumbbells helena other heavy missiles.

It is also good turned out to exercise in a standing position, the rotation of the left and right. When the tension of the abdominal muscles, a person standing on bent legs shoulder-width apart, hands behind his head. In such a situation, follow the twists and turns in different directions. Exercise is effective for weight loss abdomen, hips.

This exercise can also provide a morning exercise to reduce waist and slimming the abdomen.

In exercise it is possible to enter as an exercise for the lazy, like lifting legs, sitting on a chair, if your knees pressed to your chest and linger on for 10-15 seconds. Is this exercise too gives good result in weight loss abdomen and hips. Definitely add exercise from the goal.