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  • The material tells how to lose weight with the help of running. Features of burning calories with running loads, the right diet, the benefits of interval training and strength exercises.
    6 August 2022
  • What weight loss smoothies to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fasting day and smoothie diet for 7 days. Smoothie recipes for weight loss and cleansing.
    29 July 2022
  • Many women want to lose weight fast and the first thing they do is review their diet. There are all kinds of varieties, but how to understand which is the most effective diet for rapid weight loss?
    27 June 2022
  • The main functions and characteristics of fat burners for weight loss in women. Types of fat-burning drugs - thermogenics, lipotropics, anorectics, diuretics. Rules for taking fat-burning funds and contraindications for use. Natural fat burners with recipes.
    10 June 2022
  • A low-carb diet for diabetics of every type and people who want to lose extra pounds does not completely exclude carbohydrates, but allows you to create a menu so that a person daily consumes the optimal amount formaintain intellectual activity.
    9 June 2022
  • One of the diets aimed at reducing body weight is a carbohydrate-free diet. What are the basic requirements of the diet, what foods can and cannot be eaten? Advantages and disadvantages, types of low carb diets. Contraindications and side effects.
    14 May 2022
  • Getting paid to lose weight is an interesting type of fitness that can be used without leaving home. It is suitable for anyone who monitors their body health and seeks to keep their body in good shape.
    27 March 2022
  • Ways to lose weight fast at home. Methods are described on how to quickly and effectively lose extra pounds without harm to health at home.
    14 March 2022
  • There are many diets and ways to lose weight, but the question always remains: how not to regain weight? In the article, weight loss methods and useful tips from nutritionists.
    12 March 2022
  • What are the benefits of smoothies for weight loss? The best ingredients for making a fat-burning drink. How to make a diet product in a blender? Rules for taking in the morning and evening. Popular homemade cocktail recipes.
    19 February 2022
  • Many people dream of a beautiful figure, but not everyone manages to put it in order. In order to get rid of excess weight, a correct and effective motivational system should be developed.
    13 February 2022
  • The article describes the options for losing weight using the egg diet, as well as its effects on the body. Let's pay attention to its pros and cons and determine the optimal diet menu.
    8 February 2022
  • The Dukan Diet is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. What are its rules? List of products, diet, recipes. Important Plan Features
    17 January 2022
  • Mediterranean diet: a one-week menu to lose weight, reviews and results + 5 meal recipes to lose weight.
    10 January 2022
  • How to create a competent diet with health benefits and successful fat burning? Food diversity is the key to health. To manage your own weight well, you need the right guidelines and rules. We are talking about healthy eating for weight loss.
    22 December 2021
  • The article provides an overview of weight loss products on any diet. Check out 20 of the healthiest, most nutritious foods for burning fat: fruits, herbs, grains, nuts, coconut oil, and more. How to relieve hunger quickly and eat less food.
    20 December 2021
  • The Japanese diet for 14 days is an inexpensive way to lose 7-8 kg in 2 weeks and maintain the result for a long time.
    2 September 2021
  • Is it realistic to lose 10 kg in a month? Types of diets: buckwheat, kefir, soups, fresh juices and rice. Exercises and tips to improve the effect.
    4 August 2021
  • How to lose 5 pounds in a week: food rules, exercise and daily routine, useful recommendations.
    4 August 2021
  • An effective diet by blood group improves metabolic processes, eliminates excess weight and prevents dangerous diseases. Results, characteristics, deficiencies of the nutritional system.
    3 August 2021
  • Even a beginner can perform yoga asanas for weight loss. They are performed slowly, you need to watch your breathing and focus on the body. Basic exercises and yoga poses for weight loss are described in the article.
    3 August 2021
  • Adherence to a diet is a prerequisite for treating diabetes mellitus. Consider the basics of nutrition for diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, allowed and prohibited foods, sample menus for a week. Diet for diabetes mellitus in pregnant women and children.
    7 July 2021
  • The essence, advantages, disadvantages and menu of the Maggi 2-4 week diet: a diet for every day. Diet recipes for weight loss. Weight Loss Results and Diet Reviews.
    30 June 2021
  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) is a disease characterized by severe pain and suffering. In addition to tangible pain, changes occur in the body associated with disturbances in the functioning of the pancreas and often leading to obesity.
    19 June 2021
  • The best abdominal exercises: correct technique and description. Varieties of planks, twists. Leg elevation, fold, horizontal and vertical climber.
    9 June 2021
  • An interesting and simple diet for the lazy. Rough diet menu for the lazy. Delicious and simple diet recipes.
    1 June 2021
  • There is only one effective way to lose weight at home. It can be broken down into three components, each of which is critical to success.
    20 May 2021
  • The ketogenic diet began to gain traction about two years ago when Halle Berry and Alicia Vikander spoke about its effectiveness. Admittedly, the idea of ​​such a diet is far from new: in fact, it has been used since the 1920s to treat epilepsy. So what is it?
    23 March 2021
  • Diet for weight loss at home, diet for 3 days, diet for a week at home, simple protein diet for weight loss for 2 weeks, diet without carbohydrates at home, the most effective diet for weight loss at homehouse, Dukan diet, conclusion.
    8 March 2021
  • Lose weight 5 kg per month: the rules of good nutrition without dieting, the right foods and the time of their consumption, an approximate menu for a week, exercises (squats, hula-hoop rotation, jump rope, legs swaying), psychological attitude.
    16 January 2021
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the kefir diet, menus (for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 14, 30 days), options (with buckwheat, apples, vegetables, cucumbers, beets, potatoes, cereals, fruits, dairy products), feed yield, contraindications.
    16 January 2021
  • Diet "6 petals": what is it based on and how it works, the sequence of "petals", the basic rules, approximate menus and recipes for a week (fish, vegetable, chicken, cereals, cottage cheese, days of fruit), exit from the diet, contraindications.
    16 January 2021
  • Gout, metabolism of purines in the body, compounds of purines in food, symptoms of gout, diet for gout, what you should not eat with gout, foods that are allowed, sample menu, fasting days for goutgout, general recommendations for patients with gout.
    6 January 2021
  • General rules and effective methods of weight loss: the main components of harmony, nutritional correction, useful recommendations for losing weight.
    22 December 2020
  • Watermelon diet for weight loss: essence, pros and cons, menu options, warnings and contraindications.
    2 December 2020
  • How to lose 7 kg in a week. A weekly exercise program. Weight loss for children. Diet for weight loss by 7 kg per week. The basics of proper nutrition. Menu for every day.
    18 August 2020
  • Everything about the diet for pancreatitis Table 5 and the menu for the week.
    18 August 2020
  • The essence of a drinking diet. The opinion of doctors on this method of weight loss. Nutritional principles, preparation rules and permitted foods. Sample menu. How to get off the diet properly.
    18 August 2020
  • What can you eat and drink with gastritis? Tables 1, 2 and 5: an approximate menu for the day with gastritis.
    8 August 2020
  • Japanese diet. What is the japanese diet. The advantages and disadvantages. Rules. The Menu of the japanese diet.
    19 July 2020
  • Just recently coming onto the market a new product Energy Diets or food smart from the company NL international, which immediately caused a stir with the buyers and raised a lot of questions. It's time to reveal all its secrets and benefits.
    18 July 2020
  • Just recently coming onto the market a new product Energy Diets or food smart from the company NL international, which immediately caused a stir with the buyers and raised a lot of questions. It's time to reveal all its secrets and benefits.
    18 July 2020
  • At any time during the year wants to look lean, especially in the summer. Women trying to lose weight, but not always it works. The whole thing in the wrong diet.
    3 April 2020
  • It is very difficult to adhere to proper nutrition and to give up treats. The result is becoming overweight and an obsessive desire to urgently to lose weight, often for several days to any important events.
    5 March 2020
  • Protein diet is very popular among the many diets. On the principles of protein food built many systems of weight loss, including diet Dyukana, the Kremlin diet and others.
    5 March 2020
  • Favorite diet like many, due to its efficiency, simple affordable menu, and it only lasts a week. During this time, you can lose 5 to 10 pounds.
    1 January 2020
  • The Keto diet is also called low-carb. The process by which an organism for obtaining energy uses the party of carbohydrate and fat. This diet has many benefits for health, which has been proven on a large number of studies.
    29 December 2019
  • An effective complex of home exercises for weight loss includes fitness, exercise, strength and dance complexes of exercises, which will make a figure of every person ideal.
    29 December 2019
  • Buckwheat diet — it is quite simple and yet helpful for the body way to reduce weight. Buckwheat diet is indicated not only for weight loss, but also in various diseases of the body, as this product is an excellent reduces cholesterol.
    29 December 2019
  • How to remove the stomach and hips in the household. Proper nutrition for weight loss the abdomen.
    3 December 2019
  • The best diet is the one that will provide effective and permanent reduction of weight and will not cause damage to the body. Find out what your favorite systems are suitable under this description.
    3 December 2019
  • How to quickly and effectively lose weight in several ways of the different levels of extremeness: from the simplest and logical to the very solid. Vegetables are the best product, if it's about how to quickly lose weight.
    3 December 2019
  • A few simple tips will help you cope with the problem of excess weight, without dieting and visits to the gym.
    21 November 2019
  • Diet for beginners Pierre Dyukana and the sample menu they give chance to all who want to be free from unnecessary kilograms, in conjunction with sport loads.
    21 November 2019